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Taxi In London

With the GLC, you can have a modern and complete taxi in London every time you book. There are vehicles equipped with the latest technology, both in communication systems, security and comfort. They comply with the strict regulations in force, and our drivers have all the permits, insurance and authorisations in force; so we guarantee our customers that the services will be performed by excellent professionals and with vehicles strictly inspected and in order.

We have highly qualified operators, with experience in the management of services and in the resolution of incidents. Not only that, but a taxi in London with us involves:

- All services are managed and recorded by computer.
- Telephone communications are recorded to ensure the best care.
- Transport service for people (managers, employees, guests, etc.)
- Express delivery service of documentation and small parcels with delivery in hand.
- Vehicles with capacity for 6 seats
- Pick up at ports and airports.
- Scheduled daily routes.
- Travel to any destination in the province of London, South East, UK or abroad.

In short, a taxi in London with the GLC provides you with the safest, swiftest and most complete journey you can imagine in the city, so why not book today!

Call us on:
020 3865 9367
to book your minicab now!

Airport prices from (valid for certain postcodes only)

Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow 5


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Heathrow Terminal 4

Heathrow 4


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Heathrow Airport


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London City

London City Airport


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Luton Airport


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Call us on: 020 3865 9367 to book your minicab now!